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Boundary Walls

No walling is obligatory except at service yards.
Boundary walls may only be used to define the private side of a recreational structure on that erf or to enclose a service yard and not to enclose the whole perimeter of the erf.

The spirit of the nature reserve is for natural vegetation to thrive, up to the houses and structures, and not to create rigidly fenced typical urban erven with gardens.

Walls not built on an actual boundary line, but which fulfill the function of a boundary wall in relation to a boundary, are deemed to be boundary walls.
Curved walls and semi-curved walls should be used in lieu of straight walls.

Structures where these walls may be considered would be at outdoor recreational areas such as a swimming pool, a braai area and to define a private lawn area at a braai or pool.  Dogs and pets have to be confined to service yards.

All masonry boundary walls have to have saddle copings which may not project more than 20 mm on either side of the wall.

Natural stone boundary walls may be built, but may not be higher than 900 mm unless it forms a retaining structure in which case it may be 1 250 mm high.
Where a retaining structure forms a boundary wall, Tanalith treated poles or railway sleepers may also be used at a maximum height of 1 250 mm.
If a boundary wall screens a service yard it must be 1 800 mm high and these walls may be straight.

All free-standing ends of walls have to terminate in a square 500 x 500 mm column with a coping.
Masonry boundary walls have to be 400 mm thick.
No recesses or raised panels, or any other embellishment may be incorporated in a wall.

Boundary and service yard walls may not incorporate columns other than at the free-standing ends, at level changes or next to gates.
Service yards have to be screened by a wall type B on all three open sides, where the recess from 400 mm thickness to 190 mm thickness is visible on the inside of the service yard.
Service yard walls may only constitute 30 percent of the length of the boundary which they face.

Palisade fencing, wire mesh fencing and any other type of fencing is not allowed.